Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Food Co-op Order!!

When I got here, I soon realized finding a health food store was not easy, and the two very smalls ones in the area are also very pricey :-( Then I discovered Trader Joes, which I LOOOOOOVE!!! But, I still couldnt get everything there, and wanted to buy in bulk. And I wanted organic. I get very reasonable prices on sugar, flour and oil at the Commissary on base. And the strawberry patch sells farm fresh local eggs. But I could not find things like organic dried beans. So, a friend reminded me of one resource I had found about a year ago, called Quail Cove Farms! It works kind of like a Food Co-op, so Ill call it that :-) That same friend posted a link on Facebook to a video called "The Future of Food", and after viewing it, I knew it was beyond time to go fully organic! So, we are about a month in, and cooking about 95% from scratch. (which isnt a big deal, we were already about 80%) So, here is my loot from my first order. Red Lentils, green lentils, coconut, oatmeal, black beans, provalone, a HUGE bag of garbanzo beans (we love hummas), and some extra virgin coconut oil for sunscreen, yes, sunscreen!

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